Patient Resources

Total-Patient Care, from Start to Finish

We at Mount Sinai provide total-patient support. This support starts even before you decide to have surgery. And it continues long after you return home from the hospital.

Pre-surgery Education

We offer many resources to help you learn about weight loss surgery. We have a one-page fact sheet you can download. We schedule a monthly information session, where you learn what to expect. We also offer a worksheet to help you understand your insurance coverage.

The Surgical Process

During a consultation, you meet the men and women who will guide you through every step of the surgical process. We help you schedule the necessary tests. We assist you and your doctor in requesting insurance coverage. We provide detailed instructions for you to follow—before the operation, during your hospital stay and after your return home.

Ongoing Emotional Support

And our support doesn’t end there. We also offer post-operative support groups to help you adjust to your new body after surgery. Here, you can meet other people who have been through the same experience. You can share your feelings and start to find solutions to the challenges you face.