Sonia R

Sonia R
It’s one of my biggest challenges in life, keep off my weight, for my health, I have to do it, not only for myself but for my children, I want to be here for my kids.
Sonia Before


Sonia After


I started with sleep apnea, at times my husband had to wake me up cause he felt that I stopped breathing, so that was the scary part, then I developed high blood pressure, and asthma and then lower back pain and my knees started hurting and when it came to the point that I said oh no, I have to do something about this – diets didn’t work.  It was just stalled, plateau, and I just and then right there I would just give up and then keep doing it, keep doing it and still wouldn’t go down, I’d end up eating again because what happen I would get depressed.  I said no, something has to give, something has to be out there for me.

I said I’m going for it, why not, it saved my life  Since my first visit I feel like I was part of the family and umm the nutritionist, the doctor, they call me on the phone by my first name, and they don’t treat me like a patient, they treat me like family and I love them.

They were very caring, they knew what I came for, they knew my struggle, so they sat there with me while I was crying and telling them my story, and I feel part of them and even after surgery even in the recovery room, the day I was at the hospital, everybody was so loveable, it was just amazing, I was I even told my husband wow if I would have known this before I would have done it years ago, it’s a beautiful hospital, beautiful staff.

I was very well prepared and and that made a big difference, impacted my my journey, because I know what I’m expecting and I know what it is and I can always make that phone call and they’ll always get back to me with an answer.  I no longer take medication, my blood pressure is fine.

I have taken nothing for my arthritis, I haven’t taken anything for my back pain, I’ve not taken anything for my asthma, no pump, not anything, and I feel wonderful. Yes, I actually breathe better. I really do breathe better now.

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