Why Consider Weight Loss Surgery?

Surgery is not the “first line therapy” for weight loss!

We all know the safest way to lose weight: dieting and exercise! Unfortunately, dieting and exercise alone often fail to work over the long term. While some of us can use dieting and exercise to lose weight temporarily, very few are able to keep the weight off permanently. This concept was supported by the National Institutes of Health as early as 1991 in their Consensus Conference Statement.

The NIH Consensus Conference of 1991

A group of nationally-renowned weight loss surgery experts met in 1991 to discuss the issue of surgery for obesity. In their Consensus Conference Statement they stated:

 “Although weight may be reduced acceptably, a major drawback to the nonsurgical approach is failure to maintain reduced body weight in most patients.”

Severe obesity is not just a cosmetic problem — it is a major health problem!

Severe obesity causes some very severe health problems such as hypertension, diabetes, sleep apnea and heart disease (just to name a few). Weight loss may stop the progression of these diseases, or even reverse their effects!

Insurance companies are now starting to understand that weight loss makes obese people healthier over the long term. This is why most insurance companies will cover this type of surgery if it is felt to be medically appropriate. To figure out if you are a candidate for this type of surgery, please read Is Surgery For Me.