Pregnancy After Surgery

Is It OK to Become Pregnant After Weight Loss Surgery?
The first 18 months after weight loss surgery are a period of very rapid weight loss. From a hormonal and nutritional standpoint, you body acts as if it is in “starvation mode”. If you become pregnant during the first 18 months after weight loss surgery, your fetus may not receive enough nutrition to develop normally. For this reason it is ESSENTIAL that you use RELIABLE CONTRACEPTION should you be sexually active during this time.

What Happens to Menstrual Periods After Weight Loss Surgery?
Many women notice changes in their menstrual periods after weight loss surgery. Some women who are usually quite regular start having very irregular periods. Some women notice a substantial change in the heaviness of their flow. Some women may notice vaginal bleeding even if they have not had regular periods before surgery.

It is important to recognize that this type of variability in your period is common and normal after weight loss surgery. If you have questions about this, please do not hesitate to speak with your surgeon.